Glidden Internship


2021 interns Matea Ramey (left) and Eliza Hollenberg

The Glidden Internship Program to Advance Women in Human Neuroscience was launched in the summer of 2021. The summer internship is designed to provide participants, who will spend two months working with the BIRC’s faculty and staff on hands-on projects, experience in applying STEM education to scientific problem solving. The two intern positions are funded by continued support from Deby Glidden with the Lorraine and Lloyd Glidden Foundation of Atlanta, Ga. Applicants should have completed at least two years of their undergraduate education. The internship includes a stipend and living expenses. The goal of the Glidden program is to provide women who are current undergraduates in high academic standing as STEM Program majors with mentored career-building experiences.

Candidates for one of the two internships should submit a transcript and contact information to Jan Hollenberg at